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“No doubt about it, I’m the maddest I’ve ever been in my pajamas.”  So launches an intergenerational tale of a falling out between Scuter and Grams, necessitating the intervention of Stan the SandMan and his daughter Z'mantha. These Gullah guides, weaving visions of deep interconnectedness to the rhythmns of the Low Country, enable Scuter to navigate unexplored territory and circumstances. A lesson for both children and adults, the tale intertwines education about the threatened life cycle of the sea turtle with exposure to a culture that has been similarly dispossessed and marginalized, in hopes that increased awareness will build advocacy.

The SandMan's Daughter is a delightful and inspiring book for children--of all ages.  Whimsical, the story also carries serious environmental lessons highlighted by the engaging writing of Carter.  The unique voice of Queen Quet of the Gullah nation adds a powerful note to the text.  For anyone who loves turtles and the sea.  I loved it!

Mary Alice Monroe

New York Times Bestselling Author

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